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Specialists in industry safety training including: Work at Height Training, Lifting and Slinging, Confined Space, and Offshore Industry Training.

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Rescue Training                            rescue from height training

RIG Training are an industrial safety training company. We specialise in work at height training, rescue training, lifting and slinging training and confined space training. We offer a full range of training courses for operatives who need to work safely at height, need the ability to rescue a colleague from an exposed or confined location or lift heavy loads safely. 

About RIG Training

Work at Height Training

What is work at height? The Work at Height Regulations 2005 consider work at height to be any place at, above or below ground level from which a person could fall and sustain injury.

Why complete work at height training? The Work at Height Regulations 2005 specify that any person conducting, managing or supervising work at height  the workplace should be competent. Ensure this is the case by finding the appropriate course from our work at height training modules. 

Do I need rescue training? All work at height should be properly planned to include rescue and emergencies. Operators working at height should have a rescue plan in their risk assessment and have adequate training and equipment to allow them to recover a colleague stuck at height.

Why should I book work at height training with RIG? Firstly RIG Training can discuss with your your needs and use our extensive industry experience to ensure that training will be appropriate. Secondly, all work at height training offered by RIG Group Ltd. has been audited to and will be conducted in accordance with BS8454:Code of practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue.

What will I get after I complete the work at height training? On completion of any training course, all successful candidates will receive certificates and ID cards valid for 3 years as proof of competence. (2 years for REUK Training)

Lifting and Slinging Training

Why do I need lifting and Slinging Training? LOLER 1998 requires all personnel using or supervising the use of lifting equipment to be suitably trained. RIG Training offer a full range of courses to enable users to plan, use and inspect lifting equipment.

Which course do I require? Please email us with your requirements and we can advise. Our range of lifting, slinging and rigging trainingcourses should provide a solution for every need and also includes modules on plant equipment used for lifting. If the piece of equipment you require training to be conducted on is not listed on the website then please contact us. Instructors delivering the training are experienced in industry and we will normally be able to provide a solution for your training needs.

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