Advanced Rigging and Lifting Training

The advanced rigging and lifting module is a 3 day course designed for operatives who are likely to conduct a range of rigging tasks on site using various rigging and slinging techniques.
The training can only be conducted on your own site and up to 6 delegates can be trained per session.
Course content:
Methods of Slinging:
  • Types of slings available
  • Correct use of slings
  • Choice of equipment to suit SWL
  • Angles of lifts
  • Configuration of slings
  • Weight assessment
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Load packing
Methods and Techniques for Rigging:
  • Slings- Nylon, wire rope and chain
  • Chain blocks, tirfors, pull-lifts, shackles, eye-bolts, jacks, skates, pinch bars
  • Anchor points in relation to SWL
  • Structures, runway, trusses, supports
  • Safety factors
  • The use of portable staging
Principles of turning a load:
  • Choice of equipment to suit SWL
  • Methods of attaching slings
  • Position of the bight
  • Two point lifting and turning
Practical Rigging:
  • Planning the lift
  • Inspection of load to be lifted
  • Establishing weight and centre of gravity
  • Selection of method and equipment
  • Safe route planning
  • Load lifting and movement
  • Job completion procedure
Course Review:
  • The role of the Rigger
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Safe systems of work
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Advanced lifting and rigging training