Rescue From Height Training

Gotcha Rescue Kit TrainingThis is a half day practical training module. It is aimed specifically at any workers who may have to rescue a fallen colleague with use of a "GOTCHA Rescue Kit" (The original pre-assembled rescue kit widely used within industry)

Tower Crane Rescue Training - This is a half day tower crane rescue training module consisting of practical elements. It is aimed at persons who may have to perform a rescue on a tower crane operator in the control cab or a fallen maintenance technician on the crane jib.

Tower Descent Rescue TrainingThis is a half day practical training module. It is aimed at telecoms, pylon and mast workers who may have to conduct a rescue on a fallen colleague.

Evacuation From Height TrainingThis is a half day practical module. It is aimed at any workers who may be at height and have to make an emergency evacuation from that position, commonly from VNA trucks, Overhead Travelling Cranes or MEWP's.

Rescue From Height Training Information

RIG training can facilitate the delivery of a number of rescue from height training courses. Instructors have experience in using and running training courses in the use of a large number of types of rescue from height equipment from all major manufacturers. We can tailor courses and conduct training in the use of equipment according to your needs.

Training can be offered at specialist training centres in Middlewich, Cheshire or Staples Corner, London. Training can also take place on your own site.

On completion of any rescue from height training course, successful delegates will be issued with a certificate and ID card. These will be valid for three years, after which it is recommended delegates seek refresher training.

If you do not currently own rescue equipment this can be supplied by RIG Group, please contact us for details.