Rooftop Safety Training

This is a half day practical rooftop safety training course designed for persons who will be working on rooftops, and/or near to open edges with fall protection equipment. Up to 6 delegates can be trained per session. A pre requisite to this course is completion of a safety harness training module or equivalent.
The training consists of theory and practical elements. The training will enable delegates to plan work at height, select, inspect and use suitable work at height equipment and work safely on rooftops.
During practical training, trainees will be expected to conduct vertical climbing activities up to 15 Metres to simulate potential access methods onto rooftops. Because of this all delegates must be physically capable of doing this.
Equipment delegates will use during training includes:
  • Harnesses
  • Work Restraint Lines
  • Fixed Fall Arrest Systems
  • Horizontal Restraint Systems
  • Fall Arrest Lanyards
Other specific topics will include, among others:
  • Anchor Point Selection
  • Barrier Requirements
  • Restraint System Requirements
  • Harness Fitting
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment 
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rooftop safety training